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2022 - 2023 HESI Pediatrics (PEDS) Exit Hesi Exam Version 1 (V1): A+ Received ~All 55 Questions~ Brand New!! Download To Score A

2022 - 2023 HESI Pediatrics (PEDS) Exit Hesi Exam Version 1 (V1): A+ Received ~All 55 Questions~ Brand New!! Download To Score A

2022 HESI

Pediatric (PEDS) RN

Exam: Test taken

Jan. 2022 – A+

**Had to re-upload this doc after many

students bought - because some snoopy

person tried to report my document as

copyright bs**

Note: I transcribed the questions

from the pics to help you all out

too???? Happy Studying!!

(All test questions are test questions I typed up

from screen-shots of the actual Version 1 exam!)

1. The nurse is caring for a 3-year-old child who is 2 hours postop from a cardiac catheterization via

the right femoral artery. Which assessment finding is an indication of arterial obstruction?

Right foot is cool to the touch and appears pale and blanched

2. An infant with Tetralogy of Fallot becomes acutely cyanotic and hyperpneic. Which action

should the nurse implement first? Place the infant in a knee-chest position

3. A child admitted with diabetic ketoacidosis is demonstrating Kussmaul respirations. The nurse

determines that the increased respiratory rate is a compensatory mechanism for which acid

base alteration? Metabolic Acidosis

4. Patient with diarrhea for 3 days – what does this cause? Metabolic Alkalosis?

5. Which drink choice on a hot day indicates to the nurse that a teenager with sickle cell anemia

understands dietary considerations related to the disease? Lemonade

6. The HR for a 3-year-old with CHF has steadily decreased over the last few hours, now is 76 bpm,

the previous reading 4 hours ago was 110 bpm. Which additional finding should be reported

immediately to a healthcare provider? BP 70/40

7. 2-year-old is admitted to the hospital with possible encephalitis, and a lumbar puncture is

scheduled. Which information should the nurse provide this child concerning the procedure?

Describe he side-lying, knees to chest position that must be assumed during the procedure

8. Patient has low platelets. Bleeding precaution

9. The nurse is assessing an infant with pyloric stenosis. Which pathophysiological mechanism is

the most likely consequence of this infant's clinical picture? Metabolic Alkalosis

10. A month old girl is brought to the clinic by her mother because she has had a cold for 2 to 3 days

and woke up this morning with a hacking cough and difficulty breathing. Which additional

assessment finding should alert the nurse that the child is in acute respiratory distress? Flaring

of the nares

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